Upcoming UK Apologetics Events


Apologetics In Manchester - 
"Futility, faith and fulfilment"

On the 16th of May from 10am to 12pm, Jon King will be presenting this session, for more information please check their website here.  

Teaching on witnessing to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses

In September, Bill Mckeever of Mormonism Research Ministry, is coming to the UK on a speaking tour, He will be speaking at London, Bradford, Dundee, and Belfast. Bill, based in Sandy, Utah is an expert on Mormonism, and will be able to really equip you in your witness to members of the Mormon Faith.

As well as this UK Partnerships for Christ, who is hosting Bill, will be having their annual conference for the London and Bradford sessions. These will include a session on Jehovah's Witnesses. For more information on these events please click here. For more information please contact Bobby Gilpin at bobbygilpin@gmail.com

Apologetics In Teesside - Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

For those in the North East area, please try and come to the next Apologetics In Teesside meeting. Bobby Gilpin will be speaking on how we might lovingly and confidently give an answer for our belief in the Resurrection to non Christians that we speak to.

This is at St Timothy's Church in Hemlington, Middlesbrough, and is on Saturday 4th April, and is from 2pm till 4pm. For more information please contact Bobby on bobbygilpin@gmail.com

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